We Need your Help to Service. Rescue Girls and Women

We Need your Help to Service. Rescue Girls and Women


Phase 1

Land Cleaning

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Phase 2

Land Survey


Phase 3


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We know how an abandoned person feels so our main goal is to provide the rescued person an unconditionally lovable family and make them feel home and happy for whatever the time being they spent in the safe house.
Education is the most valuable need that a child requires most importantly for girls in india. So Rags Safe House takes up the responsibility to educate each and every child which most of them are deprived of.
Our safe house main goal is to not only provide shelter but it harnesses and sharpens the talent in each and every individual and helps them stand by themselves in terms of mental. spiritual and financial aspects thereby when they go out to live in the real world they need not feel helpless in any situation.
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