Street Christmas

Celebrations began. Wow gory to God alone.

Abig event for RAGS.2013, we went to 153places ti share christmas story reaching thousands of people.distributing New Testaments.

In 2010, God spoketo me through spyng thing. Inwas asking Lord whats in it for Rags. The glory t God whose ways are amazing. We started dong street christmas in villages. We proclaim Gospel d we spy in to those villages. The spirit ofGod hepls us to understand the SPIRTUAL POLITICAL ECONOMICAL CONDITIONS of the villages, so that we could serve them better. Awesome God.

In 2010 we reached in 31 villages,

2011 reached 75 villages

2012 reached 107 villages

2013 reached 150 villages. All glory to God.

2014 planned for 50 villages only becuase of famine in our area. But God will provide. We dont know how many villages God will lead us.

Our prayers for Indian people are that God would provide atleast one fair opportunity to listen to the Good news that One true God died for our sins and through Him we have eternal life.

Our 14 committed volunteers started going to villages. Yesterday was their day ONE. spend 13 hours and been to 10 villages. They said, they reached more than 1000 people. I havent informed how many are willing for second visit and how many people are willing continue their walk. Lets pray about that. Amazing God’s Grace.

Please pray

God would give us opportunity and sufficient resources to meet them again desciple them for Christ. We dont want to miss them and we love them and care for them as Christ did for us.	For all the committed volunteers and their protection. 	Pray that they would endure persecution.	Please find the follwoing attached pictures.

The end of 8 days prayer for street christmas project.	Raising funds to reach villages. You can see my brother Krupa with microphone and a white board with sticky notes. Each sticky note represents a village. People who are inspired to provide a village, can take that stickynote and support village. 	Cooking ( not baking), indian christamas cake( recipe by Rags volunteers). 	Look at the size of the cake.	Team ready to Go.	Look at the people around and listening to Gospel. 	Christmas on streets.	Thank you for all your prayers.

Many to reach.