Sajini Garments

God's Plan for Rags Girls

(JEREMIAH 29:11) For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. It all started with a sewing kit being recieved as a gift and teaching it to the girls. This is how the Rags girls formed. Later God put a Vision to start a sewing Company and to help girls and make them individual persons who can rely on them selves. And hence we waited few years for God's vison to become true. Through this factory we want to make at least 100 kits per month Within 5 years Conduct monthly Dfg camps around India Raise Girls leaders in the church Start 2 more sewing centers in Tirupathi, Rajahmundry, reach out new villages and win souls Gather all the girls at one center and have one day entertainment camps (for every 3 months) Through this factory we can make monthly kits if we can spend one day and if we can have regular bulk supply of materials. With the kits we can target and conduct camps and raise leaders in the main cities around India from there we can reach villages within the 5 years. Finally we can have DFG main office in India too.


Days for Girls

After God providing us the requried help through various resources we are confident enough to run a sewing company and we named it as DOVE. Then we bought all the required machinery, and a rented place to set up the company. Then we also trained and employed the girls who are interested and in need of a job. After a year long of setting up the Dove where we gone through many harships and good phase God stood by us and lead us without falling apart. We were able to pay the employess and sell out the stock through various ways even though we dont have a big market strategy. And then God pushed us to open two more branches at diffrent places where they are also doing good. By God’s strength and will we are hoping to do big in future.