However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. -ACTS 20:24.

Gova Kama

Being born into an idol worshipping family i was surrounded by all irrelevant worships and wierd rituls done by family. At the age of 9 in 2002 i was abducted by a person and was forced to work in his home. After few months i ran away from him and was in a scared state near a bridge, no one are concerned about me while i was in my rags and crying for help, then all a sudden a woman who was returning from church noticed me and took me to her home gave me bath and food and asked me about my details and then sent me to my home, by the time i reached home my parents and relatives lost hope on me. But after seeing me they felt it as a miracle and so happy. This was the major turnig point in my life for getting close to God. He is the one who talked to that lady and helped me.

From that miracle in 2002 to 2012 i was falling and rising in God. But after i met Krupa and joined the rags my life and nature has completely changed. i came to know who truly God is and what he wants from me, so from then i committed myself to him. Even after completing Masters and having job oppurtunities i forsake them for the sake of God's ministry and his service. Through me my family got to know about him and they are also spiritually growing in him and he made me a blessing to many families.

Swaroopa Grace

I was born and brought up in a christian family. My parents left their jobs and committed themselves to serve God in nandigama. We did not have food or shelter and got rejected by the society and suddenly we became so poor but God promised my mother that you work for me, i will take care of your children studies. Me and my brothers(Jeevan & Krupa) were excelling in studies and we never had to pay much fee due to our merit. by the age of 7 i was growing spiritually in God, filled wih Holy Spirit and gor Baptized at 15 years old. My dad said that he won't be giving any properties but jesus, study as much as you can but serve God. I completed my masters in Foods, Nutrition and dieteties.

Though i was leading sunday schools in church my spirit always craved for something more. After graduation, i started working as a Dietician,after work i was taking english classes in sunday schools. During these days my spirit and my heart got attracted towards the lives of girls. I have found that most of the girls were abused and discontinued studies and working in farms because of poverty. i have heard God's call for the ministry in 2014, september for those girls, so i left my job and started working for God. Then i got the DFG Kit as an instrument to bring out these girls to christ.Also got the gift of sewing, without the help of others i made some DFG kits, then taught to my girls, now it has grown.

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. -- EPHESIANS 5:15-16

We as a team of RAGS have many people who are working and serving God are being a blessing to our community and we do hav many stories to be told.