Reaching Abandoned Generation Society

“Our  Soul is to Rise Up the next Generation (Abandoned) to Live for God and Turn Builds the Better Community” 

it’s all about sharing gospel, building churches and encouraging them to be Christcentered Christians.

7 Ministries in RAGS

〉〉  Sunday Schools :  34 Villages.

〉〉 Churches :3 Churches was build in 3 Villages.

〉〉 Recharge : Sending the Bible Verse through mobile Phones on Every Day morning, to nearly 2000 souls.

 〉〉 VBS :  Vocational Bible Schools in Summer.

〉〉 Film Shows : Showing movie about Jesus Christ.

〉〉 TAGS : Distributing Gospel Tracks/Bibles/Literatures and Audio Bibles.                    

〉〉 Street Christmas : Going into Remote Villages and sharing gospel & love ,giving away new  testaments with delicious sweet.