Reaching Abandoned Generation Society

“Our  Soul is to Rise Up the next Generation (Abandoned) to Live for God which inturn Builds a Better Community where "HE" is our Foundation.” 

it’s all about sharing gospel, building churches and encouraging them to be Christcentered Christians.

RAGS Ministries:

» Sunday Schools :  Every Sunday RAGS members sets out to different villages in teams and preach HIS WORD to all the children. Approximately 50 villages are being visited by our team every month regarding Sunday Schools.

» Churches :God has given us a vision of building numerous churches in the coming years. In the past 2 years a total of 5 churches have been built and still many are in construction stage.

» DOVE:  To provide a means of livelihood and empower them both spiritually and mentally is the main reason for the establishment of Dove.

» EXEDOS : There is a lot of talented youth who are unemployed or underprivileged to work to their potential in rural india. So Exedos lends a hand to those people by employing them and trianing them in IT and Corporate sector.

» RESCUE CENTER : Rags planned for a rescue home for those young girls or adult women who are abandoned or deprived of thier lives. They get shelter here and then they are trained and employed into DOVE giving them independent life.

» IBC : Indian Bible College (IBC) is all about people! focused on educating the body of christ about who god is and who he is in his saints.

» VBS :  Every Summer Vocational Bible Schools are being held in our Rags Churches for the children and youth and thereby not letting them to get apart form the God in the break time they get.

» Film Shows :Every month we planned on screening the movies or videos of Jesus in our Sunday school villages.                    

» Street Christmas : So every christmas season our team members celebrate semi christmas in the streets of the villages. Which started as only few villages a decade ago has now reached to over 150 villages. In street christmas we preach gospel, distribute Bibles and also give the children sweets as a celebration