Projects & Progress


Rags planned for a rescue home for those young girls or adult women who are abandoned or deprived of their lives. They get shelter here and then they are trained and employed into DOVE giving them independent life.

 It's always not the same for many girls and women in most parts of the country. Many of them are Orphans by Birth and some of them are abandoned by the parents and family. Not only the Girls even young women face such situations and the aftermath of that is they are either made to beg in streets or forced is illegal activities like prostitution. So Rags was sowed with the vision of Rescuing such Girls and Women and really work hard for the nourishment of lives. Not only they are provided  a shelter but they are taught well and train them in employment skills and give them self sustaining strong lives both physically and Spiritually.

 There is a plan and blueprint for Constructing a Rescue home and we are halfway through it. The construction provides shelter for over 60 members and all the amenities they need will be provided for them with a good hospitable caretakers and strong security personnel. So it does not stop with one but with HIS Grace we will be building many more.

 We are so excited on completing this mission and would happily ask you to be a part of it and help us rescuing as many of them. 

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"The church is the place where we come together to encourage one another as members of christ's body. Together we fulfill an important purpose on the Earth."

You tend to fall prey for the evil even when you are trying or got connected to the God's word on your own. But when you are in a Church there you have your spiritual father family who always try to encourage you to connect to God and warn you and uplift you from all the evil doings

God has put a vision into us to build the Churches in the rural areas of india where most people are not getting the word of God and many souls are being fallen into the hands of evil and withering out. 

Now we have built over five churches in two years and our mission is to build hundreds of them in the coming twenty years. Praise the Lord!

One more church is in under construction. 




We hope to build many more churches all around the World to spread his gospel and save many withering souls. You can be a part of his will by donating whatever you feel.

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