The Medical Ministry is a very special and unique ministry that brings help and hope to the suffering and their families. Ministering through medical camps is an opportunity to treat and care for the physical needs of the people, thereby share the gospel. But that’s far from the end of the story because the predominant belief is that any physical ailment a person suffers from is because of bad karma in previous lives, many people cannot find help or treatment. When medical camps offer help, the offer is so drastically different from what they have heard and believed all of their lives, that people ask, “Why?”. At that point, medical camps are provided with a precious opportunity to share the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

Medical camps have been a regular missions outreach work of AJC Ministries. Each medical camp attracts anywhere between 300 to 500 people from the villages. A team of a handful of efficient, dedicated doctors assist the AJC Ministries in its medical camps. The camp sites are identified in remote places where even primary medical facilities are rare and access to quality health care is sometimes impossible. Mission - minded doctors, nurses, pharmacists and volunteers unite with prayer, preparation and dedication to regularly conduct medical camps. Much efforts are poured in gathering resources for procuring medicines, health supplements, gifts and meeting travel and other incidental expenses. Your prayers unto the Lord God to raise more volunteers and supporters for our medical missions is the need of the hour.