Detailed Rags Report



Report submitted by,
Swaroopa grace,
29 sept 2022.

  • In the year 2022, after taking the new year promises, we started working with new spirits. We have taken up a new project with our rags. It was one of the rags desired and an amazing project i.e., Child sexual abuse awareness program. We prayed and planned for 2 months to start working in the month of April. We have designed our own Tee shirt with Dove logo in our garments. Made Placards, charts and bought things that are needed for the awareness program. After all the preparations, on April 1st we had a successful and effective child sexual abuse awareness camp at APP School, Thakkellapadu. We taught to higher classes girls about the safety rules, how to protect their body. After the class we took rallied to Lingalapadu.
  • On April 3rd, we had been to BK Palem Sunday School we taught to our Sunday school kids and rallied and raised our voices to let people know that we are working against child sexual abuse.
  • On April 3rd, we had been to BK Palem Sunday School we taught to our Sunday school kids and rallied and raised our voices to let people know that we are working against child sexual abuse.
  • On 13th April, Narayana school principal permitted us to teach 7-8th class girls at Nandigama. We had a more interactive class over there.

    Then we tried to go to other schools but Govt declared summer hollidays, so schools remain closed for 2 months. We would like to do more.

  • Again in the month of April, first time we had 2 days of Gospel meetings near our rock Ag church grounds. Our church paid all the bills and shared the Gospel to many people in our area. Rev. Jaya Rao Garu and Rev. Sudhakar garu were the Main speakers. Church fed the people who have attended the meetings.

  • We had also released our first rags music studios video recording for a Sunday School song. (Saarepathu vurilo) at Machilipatnam beach. Renuka, Aksa,Sailu, deepthi,sudharani

    Danced well, it was our first recorded song. Thanking God for the music studio.

AUGUST (2022)

Report submitted by,
Swaroopa grace,
29 sept 2022.

  • August 6th night we have practiced learning Sunday School songs and memory verses.
  • 7th Sunday evening Sailu and swaroopa went to Ramireddy palli Sunday School. Joshitha deepthi, sudharani, Hema went to thakkellapadu and lingalapadu Sunday School.
  • 14th Sunday we went to Konayapalem and kandrapadu. Chandu, Salem and pandu been to Ramireddy palli, pallagiri. Other girls went to thakkellapadu and Lingalapadu Sunday schools.
  • August 15th we had celebrated Independence Day in our church. All the youth participated and pastors prayed for our companies, ministries and our Nation.
  • August 21st we started going to our DVR colony FWM church in the morning from 10am to 12pm.Sunday evening we again went to Konayapalem and kandrapadu.
  • Chandu and shalem visited Hanumanthapalem on Tuesday evening 6:30pm.
  • Wednesday chandu and Krupa went to BK Palm church.
  • Saturday we had practiced songs and memory verses and prepared for Sunday schools.
  • Sunday 28th Sunday morning we went to DVR colony church and joshitha, sudharani ran rock ag church Sunday school from 11:30am to 12:30pm.
  • Evening chandu,pandu and shalem went to Konayapalem, kandrapadu. We girls went to thakkellapadu and Lingalapadu.


Report submitted by,
Swaroopa grace,
29 sept 2022.

  • September first week, a week of preparation for DVR colony FWM church. Spent most of the time in praying for the church.
  • September 10th night God spoke to me to change methods to reach youngsters in our church and area. So I have decided to go to all of our girls houses and run an hour prayer in order to reach that family and the particular road and neighbors.
  • September 11th as usual we went to DVR colony church in the morning, Sunday schools in the evening. Anil and shalem went to Ramireddy palli and pallagiri. Chandu and pandu went to Konayapalem kandrapadu. Krupa room other girls to thakkellapadu and Lingalapadu. Sailu and swaroopa been to ponnavaram. And unexpectedly we had visited Mrs. Nagamma's house and prayed for her pregnancy.
  • Met Ramya and spent sometime and prayed for her.
  • House churches from Monday to Friday, but all of our girls and my family all fell sick for 1 week. None met, none worked for a week, none went to colleges and schools.
  • September 18th morning we went to DVR colony church but evening we didn't go to Sunday schools.
  • From September 19th we couldn't even run house churches for this week too.
  • 24th Sunday we had seen wonderful works of the Lord in DVR colony FWM church and evening had been to thakkellapadu and Lingalapadu Sunday schools.
  • From 25th Monday evening, we started prayer in Deepthi's house. Shared the word from Mark2:1-13. Prayed for that family. Blessings were added to us.
  • Tuesday we met in Hema's house. Boys Shalem, Anand and our girls were attended and enjoyed and worshipped Him and studied and meditated from Mark 2:13-17.
  • Wednesday we met at Taruni's house and it was an amazing night of prayer. They didn't have light I that room and we could see God was moving in the prayers of small group. Spoken word from Mark2:18-22.
  • Thursday at Pallavi's house.
  • Thursday going to Madipalli for VBS.

OCTOBER (2022)

Report submitted by,
Swaroopa grace,
02 feb 2023.

  • 2nd October first sunday, girls went to thakkellapadu, Lingapaladu in our auto to run sunday school.
  • 9th sunday, Swaroopa and sailu been to DVR colony chandu and Swaroopa,joshitha went to konayapalem and kandrapadu sunday schools. Sailu, deepthi, sudharani, Hema went to thakkellapadu, lingapaladu in the evening.
  • 16th Sunday, morning DVR colony FWM church and evening venkatesh,Anil, joshitha, pallavi and swaroopa went to Ramireddypalli and pallagiri.
  • 23rd Sunday morning went to DVR colony and afternoon girls went to thakkellapadu and Lingalapadu Sunday schools, chandu and venkatesh went to konayapalem and kandrapadu.
  • 30th Sunday morning DVR colony church Sunday School and Nandigama Sunday school were regularly done. Afternoon venkatesh, Anil went to Ramireddypalli and pallagiri. Chandu and pandu went to konayapalem kandrapadu. Other girls been to thakkellapadu and Lingalapadu.


Report submitted by,
Swaroopa grace,
02 feb 2023.

  • We started praying and planning for Street Christmas and Sunday School teachers training camp and girls camp in the month of December.
  • 6th Sunday boys made an announcement in the church about street Christmas and began raising funds. This time, we were able to distribute Biscuit packs rather than sweet Halwa.
  • 13th Sunday Girls from ponnavaram and krupa, chandu, Moshe, venkatesh have gone to street Christmas.
  • 20th Sunday we all went to street Christmas .
  • 27th Sunday went to street Christmas celebrations.


Report submitted by,
Swaroopa grace,
02 feb 2023.

  • December 1st we welcomed Res. Bert& Heather kamphuis, on 2nd they visited our companies. Shared our stories, Spent time in pastor's conference. They distributed Telugu and English books. Prayed for all of us. Visited Rags Nursery.
  • December 3rd we had women's conference at Rock AG church, Nandigama. Night, they preached in Eturu.
  • December 4th Sunday morning Bert&Heather shared the word of God in church. Afternoon they left and we went to Sunday schools.
  • December 16th sister Lois from Canada has arrived and we had distributed 100 dove girls aroma kits in Narasapur missionary school. It was a wonderful day at school with all the girls 9th and 10th standard.
  • December 18th we had regular Sunday schools.
  • December 21st we had girls camp at Thakkellapadu FWM church, around 30 girls were attended. Sister Lois taught about Deborah(Honey Bee) Ruth(Trustworthy friend) Esther(star) and encouraged us to stand for God like them.
  • December 22nd we had Sunday school teachers training camp, Sister Lois shared powerful notes how to teach kids about God in different ways. Taught us Jesus the bread of Life, while teaching she has distributed breads to all. Jesus the Light of the world and Jesus the servant. Raised points about how Jesus washed the disciples feet and how do we need to serve people around us, distributed hand towels to those who want to dedicate themselves for God to serve people.
  • Also, distribution of guava and fig plants were done to all who have attended the camp.
  • December 24th night we had Christmas service, all the nandigama Sunday School kids played Christmas play.
  • December 31st night we had watch night service, all of us were blessed with the wonderful promises for new year 2023.

JANUARY (2023)

Report submitted by,
Swaroopa grace,
02 feb 2023.

  • January 10th evening 7:30pm we had get together and taken up new decisions to work for the kingdom of God.
  • January 15th Sunday we had gone to Ramireddypalli and Mahadevapuram Sunday schools. Joshitha, sudharani, deepthi, Hema and sailu, chandu and Anil went to ponnavaram, kollikulla, khammavaripalem, pallagiri Sunday schools. For the first time we have started Sunday School in Khammavaripalem, met Deepthi, Rajitha and other kids in the village. Joshitha ran Sunday School, Swaroopa went to visit girls in the village.
  • January 22nd sunday anand, Vinny, sudheer, Hema and Swaroopa went to Mahadevapuram village and tried to sit on the street, suddenly all the people have come and started threatening us, we didn't say anything and left from there but there were around 150kids who were desperately asking us to stay and teach, so we were able to sit outside the city and spent few minutes teaching them about Jesus. Praised God for protecting us. But praying for the kids regularly. They need Jesus they need salvation.
  • January 29th Sunday, venkatesh, swaroopa, Vinny, chandu, Prem, sudheer, thambi went to pallagiri and Khammavaripalem Sunday schools. Chandu Anil, and charan went to konayapalem kandrapadu thakkellapadu Sunday schhols.
  • Morning went to DVR colony and venkatesh went to Bellamkondavsripalem Sunday schools.


Report submitted by,
Swaroopa grace,
28 feb 2023.

  • February 5th, Swaroopa, sudheer and Prem went to Khammavaripalem, venkatesh, Vinny amd thambi visited pallagiri Sunday schools. In Ramireddypalli village local pastor started Sunday school. So we praised God and praying to start Sunday School in Desinenipalem, Jonnalagaddam Anil and chandu been to konayapalem, kandrapadu and thakkellapadu. In Khammavaripalem, first day we met Deepthi, 9th standard she is very interested and loved us right at the moment. Rajitha, akshara, Deepthi those 3 girls were loving and they are running after us. They all go to RCM church. Praying for them and for the real transformation in their lives.
  • 12th Sunday morning deepthi, joshitha and sudharani running children's service at Rock AG church, Nandigama. Morning 10-12 DVR colony FWM church Sunday School, Venkatesh went to Bk palem, chandu went to thakkellapadu and konayapalem, kandrapadu. Swaroopa, thambi, charan went to khammavaripalem. Morning DVR colony church, Navya and Divya they were not going to school regularly since 2 weeks as they didn't pay auto fee. Kids were praying everyday, we were praying everyday. We wanted to support them financially. Their mother Srilatha(HIV positive and her husband died) taking care of the kids alone. Prayed for them for 2 weeks. And thank God that we were able to give them 1000rs for their auto fare. Kids were happy and growing in faith.
  • 19th Sunday venkatesh went to BK palem. Chandu went to Thakkellapadu. Afternoon went to konayapalem and kandrapadu. Joshitha, sudharani, taruni and pallavi Swaroopa went to khammavaripalem Sunday School. DVR colony fwm church cleaning was done. Every week one one person is coming. Gave kits to Poojitha and her mother Divya. They are from Hindu background, Sister Divya once upon a time she used to go to church but her husband and in laws forbidden her to go to church because their family Goddess is Durga and she has stopped and now their family is devoted to their Goddess. She is even not willing to come to church but expecting something to happen and some financial help for her children. So started praying for that family, for Sister Divya to come back to Christ.
  • 26th Sunday morning DVR colony FWM church anniversary celebrations planned and prepared food for the kids. Dharma, lokesh,Nagachaitanya, nandini, Nalini,sai, navya, Divya, Poojitha, supraja total 10 members. Praise God for the kids and for the church as it is growing slowly. Pray for them. Sister Sireesha, newly has come, she is having little mental health issues, married for 10years but no kids, husband and other in laws are hurting her for not bearing children and she is not even allowed to step out of house. Yester while her and her mother in law gone for work, she came to church and shared her story gave her the DGA kit and prayed for her. Sister Divya and sister Srilatha have also come and we all had good lunch. Thanking God for all these. From August, 2022 to 2023 February God has been more faithful and He loves them wants to deliver them. Pray for this church.
  • 25th Saturday bought fabrics for DGA kits and scrunchies making. Here are the Bills
  • February month Krupa has sent 7000rs for Dove girls ministries. Out of 7,000rs

      Tithe                                        700

        Navya, Divya help                1,000

        Cotton fabrics                       3,343

        Flannel fabrics                     2,525

      DVR fwm expenses              430

        Total                                        7998


Camp Date : 22-June 2022

Report Submitted on : 24- june 2022

Submitted by : Rags Team

God has put a thought about Sunday school camp in the month of June,2022.

Hence we decided to pray for somedays. While we were praying The spirit of the Lord showed us the verse Matthew14:16, it was written, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.”

With this theme, “Partake” we were overjoyed and blessed to Gave away – The word of God By Pastor Kishore (James1:)

Jeevan matyus (Matthews 14,2kings5)

-- Fed them with delicious lunch and snacks.

-- Distributed slippers for all the kids,team and old people in the church.

Camp Expenses:







Rice (2bags)









Groceries & Vegetables



Tent House



Slipper Parcel







Tour Budget:

  1. Marazzo - 2000 oil + 300 tollgate
  2. Rent Car - 3000+2000 oil + 300 tollgate
  3. Small car - 2000 oil + 300 tollgate

            Total     -     9,900/-


  • Kids Registered = 266 + plus 40
  • Unregistered = 306
  • Total Team =26
  • No of Autos = 12