Detailed Dove Report


Duration: January 01- September 31 2021

Submitted on: Jan 22, 2022

Submitted by : Swaroopa grace,

DOVE index :

1. Young commissioned leadership programmes

2.Youth Training Meeting

3.Ground cleaning

4.Week of moving -

5.Shifting the workplace from Nandigama to the RAGS campus

6.Bought an auto March 6

7.Girls camp in Ponnavaram

8.Launching Thakkellapadu Girls


1. Young commissioned leadership programmes:

This is the camp-1 to impart the vision of rags and dove girls i.e. which is to raise young generations of girls and boys who are abandoned and rescue girls who are being abused. We dedicated the leaders those who are commited and sent to villages. They begin our outreach efforts, Sunday schools, meeting girls in the villages during the early season of 2021, they have been worked amazingly holding their calling.


2. Youth Training Meeting:

This is the camp-2 to train and challenge young boys and girls to help them understand the vision and mission of the rescue home. As most of them have come from abusive backgrounds it was easy to pull them on to the board. But it’s hard to help them to understand they are actually called to rescue others. It took many classes and continues open discussions for them to step into the leadership and responsibilities of helping others who have been looking for help.

3. Ground Cleaning:

After waiting for proper approval from the local government of India to start construction on the property, we started to clean the ground. it was all with thorns bushes and cotton plants from previous crops. And this place was used like a garbage dump yard for the village. It took so much effort and expense to clean the dump and the place.

4. Week of Moving:

While we felt we should move out from the old place ( Nandigama ) , and build a temporary shelter/shed for the girls to work here, we declared last week of February as a week of moving.

5. Shifting the workplace from Nandigama to the property.

Finally, we were able to build a temporary shed by March 4th. We started to open and work from March 5th. It was such a great joy to live in our own land. The girls who come from abused and rough backgrounds now are able to work under the safest roof and safest place that they can ever think of .

March 5, 2021 We inaugurated the place to work. We shifted all the stuff by March 1. but the place wasn’t ready yet. but we kept all the equipment under trees and we had to protect them at night.

Thanks to such a great team of employees who volunteered to sleep over in those dangerous nights to take care of the stuff.

Finally with such joy we all entered into the new temporary working place on March 5 while the local villages had a great dinner.

6. Bought an Auto for The Girls

It was very much needed to buy an auto for the girls.

The current auto driver is not helpful as he doesn’t like the idea of empowering women. So for security reasons and safety reasons, we thanked him and we honoured him for the 4 years of his work with us. then we decided to lease an auto for the girls. Akhil will be the driver. This auto is not just to transport workers, but also for all the deliveries and orders. it is such a great thing we have done.

In March We bought an auto by paying $600 downpayment and $220 monthly payments for 4 years

7. Girls Camp in Ponnavaram:

Our goal is to gather all the girls in the village to help them to believe that their lives are not just to lead a normal worldly life but for their creator who has designed for them a unique purpose. We taught them that they are beautifully and amazingly created. (psalms139) Their life is in the palm of their creator. We had a successful and powerful girls retreat and distributed clothes to kollikulla girls.

8. Launching thakkellapadu girls ministry:

For the first time in August 1st 2021 we had started girls ministry in thakkellapadu on friendship day. Invited girls in thakkellpadu for the friendship celebrations and shared the real friendship of Jesus Christ. Introduced our DGA Kits moreover explained about the vision of Dove girls ministries.