Caring Abandoned Generation with Compassion

It's all about serving the community, showing the love of Christ.

CAGS Ministries:

» Notes 2 B Notable : Distributing Books, Uniforms  and Bags to the Poor students.

» Fist Aid : Touching the Wounds of Untouchable and cleaning  with Fist Aid Kid.

» Health Teaching Camps : Awareness about  Abusing in Rural Areas and AIDS workshops.

» Tuitions: Reaching out to the kids who cannot afford private tutions and conducting tutoring classes by our rags team members.

» Water Borewells: Still some places in rural area there is shortage of fresh drinking water resources. Our ministry finds those places in the surrounding areas and we dig a borewell for fresh water so that the people will get the drinking water for years to come.

» TAGS : Distributing Gospel Tracks/Bibles/Literatures and Audio Bibles

» Recharge : Sending the Bible Verse through mobile Phones on Every Day morning, to nearly 2000 souls.