About us

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." 

--Matthews 6:33

God will provide an abundant life to those who work for his kingdom and live according to his will. Abundance in this sense means a life full of everything you need to sustain yourself in joy and purpose.

A small church with few souls and teaching sunday school to no more less than 4 kids that's the situation few years back. But he lead us in all those tough and rough waves while we clinged on to him and now that small church has laid to many more ministries and that little preaching in sunday school has helped us to reach out thousands of souls to spread his Gospel.

The abundance in work and the abundance of blessing he has given over the years has led us to establish the ministry ABUNDANT KINGDOM LIVING. He gave us the vision to share whatever the abundance he has to given to us to all the people and souls who are struggling through their lives and make them self sustainable and blessing to the others who are alike. There by spreading his kingdom through every nuke and corner.

We never thought it would become as an organization that thrives to build up HIS KINGDOM among the abandoned, poor, untouchable, remote people in the villages. Later we came to know that this is one of the small part of the huge picture of God’s kingdom. And now we are looking more into HIS guidance for our part.

By the Amazing grace and wisdom of GOD, Our ministry is standing on two legs.

1. RAGS - Reaching Abandoned Generation

Rags comprises of many ministries whose main goal is spread the Gospel and build christ centered communities in his kingdom. It also provides livelihood and make them independent and spiritually close to him.

2. CAGS - Caring Abandoned Generation

The role of ministries in CAGS is to reach out to the people who are in underwhelming state to afford few important amenities or needs like education, health awareness and treatment, providing stationery to kids, teaching girls to stand up to the abuse etc., so our team provides all the necessary help to the needed. In short we care those underprivileged ones.

We have explained all about our ministries in the website please do check them all.